Hello, hello, and welcome to my new website - thank you for visiting!

It's taken me a while to be persuaded to use the internet to communicate but I gave in at last. The carrier pigeon was exhausted. Looking imperious at the top of the page is Natasha - a loyal friend for thirteen years. Nothing so grand as a study, I work at the kitchen table surrounded by clutter - right now: a maraca, a plastic dragon head, an eggcup, a toy cell phone, assorted Lego. Natasha likes to sit right by the keyboard and rub her chin on the top of the laptop. This means that while I write a scene, I am often wiping cat drool off the screen at the same time.

The site will contain a little personal stuff although I'll try to hold back from sharing too much trite personal detail - for instance, that Natasha was unimpressed with the contents of her food bowl so this morning left a large dead mouse in the middle of the sitting room to remind us what providing is all about - no, no, none of that sort of thing. I'll also be using the site to let you know when I have a new title coming out, and what I am working on, so please do sign up to the mailing list if you are interested. I'll be adding pages in the next few months - I'm aware that the site is a little bony and needs fattening up (unlike the cat). Well, thank you again for stopping by. I hope you find what you're looking for,

warmest regards,

Anna  x