Anything from augmentation to open-heart surgery
Thursday, July 21, 2011 at 08:56AM
Anna Maxted

My Book Clinic is open for business - it's very exciting - please do check out the page!

I'd like, if I may, to put this new venture in context. The other day, I  thanked a friend  who'd done me a favour. She replied, 'I like to help people.' It struck me as a confident thing to say of oneself - I admired her for saying it, because like many women, I feel if I say anything nice about myself it sounds like boasting. That's quite a silly, reductive way to live, I realise. Of course we must proclaim our virtues - now and then (constantly would be a bit much). So all I want to say, with regard to the Book Clinic is, I like helping people - there, I said it!  


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